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Supports various accounts and facilitates task management
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Postbox is an email client with lots of features. It is intended to make task management easier by separating work from private emails. Not only that, this application also lets you create teams, which help you filter messages conveniently. Moreover, it allows tagging your messages for easier cataloguing. It supports integrating various email accounts in a single application. The interface is easy to use, and, as it is quite similar to those of other email clients, such as Outlook and Thunderbird, it is practically impossible for anyone to have problems using this tool.

Despite the similarities, Postbox has some extra features that make it excel among other utilities. One of the most powerful is Focus Pane, intended to filter out messages based on a set of criteria. This allows you to concentrate just on that selected group of messages. Another handy feature is tagging. In a Gmail-like fashion, this lets you mark your messages so that they can be broken into smaller groups.

Another advantage of Postbox is derived from its integration with various on-the-cloud services, such as Dropbox, One Drive and Box. So, you do not need to worry about your email server not supporting large attachments, because this tool can automatically store them on the cloud and send the recipient the corresponding link instead.

If you usually lose track of time while composing messages, you will probably like that the program uses time and word-count trackers. Another productivity feature is pre-made responses, which you can create and reuse as many times as you need to. It also includes a full-fledged HTML editor, which has such advanced characteristics as autocomplete and syntax highlighting.

All in all, Postbox is an excellent email client with various convenient features. In my opinion, it has very few drawbacks. Some of them are related to the use of some graphical elements in the interface, as the unread/read mark, which are not noticeable enough. Likewise, I would have liked this tool to allow indexing attachments contents so that finding specific text strings within them becomes possible.

Pedro Castro
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  • It provides several ways to organize your messages, including tags, teams and the focus pane
  • It supports integrating various email accounts
  • It supports cloud storage services
  • It has a very complete HTML editor
  • It allows using pre-made responses


  • Some visual elements are not noticeable enough
  • It cannot index attachment contents
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